Welcome to caring for your new sponge. We are going to walk you through everything from cleaning to using your sponge.

What Not To Do

With Your Beauty Sponge

• These big beauty sponges have a much larger surface area than your conventional beauty sponges.

• The sponge requires gentle handling; avoid harsh twisting as it may break or tear.

• When applying water to your sponge, be sure to squeeze carefully without twisting excessively, similar to any makeup sponges, it is fragile.

• When draining the water, be cautious to avoid causing any damage to the sponge as you squeeze it. Due to its size, make sure you handle it with extra care. Ensure you do not put your nails deep into the sponge, or this will cause it to tear/rip.

Using Your Sponge For The First Time

Wetting Your Sponge

Once you receive your sponge, it is essential to activate it, regardless of whether you intend to use it wet or dry. This will help the sponge perform better for desired application. This video will show you how to activate it. Make sure you are gentle with your sponge to avoid any break or tear.

How To Activate Your Sponge For The First Time

How To Wash Your Beauty Sponge

How To Activate Your Sponge For The First Time

How To Wash Your Beauty Sponge

1. Run the tap at a warm temputure, then place your sponge under this water.

2. Once you have the sponge wet, squeeze the water out gentley. Then replace the sponge under the water. Repeat this process for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not excessively twist the sponge.

3. Ensure the whole sponge has been exposed to water, then place the sponge onto a dry towel. Fold the towel over the top of the sponge and press down (gentley). Repeat this until your sponge is at your desired level of firmness.

Frequent Beauty Sponge Care Questions

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How often should I clean my beauty sponge?

For optimal performance, clean your beauty sponge according to your useage We advise twice a week if you are using your sponge 3+ times per week. This ensures a flawless application and even beauty blend.

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Can I use regular soap to clean my beauty blending sponge?

It's best to use a gentle cleanser specifically designed for beauty sponges to avoid damaging the sponge. This is not to say you cannot use soap, but sometimes soap will not extract all of the oils from the sponge.

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My beauty sponge has stubborn stains. What should I do?

Try a mixture of warm water and gentle soap, or consider a specialized stain-removing product for beauty sponges. Be cautious what you apply to your sponge as you do not want to put any heavy chemicals onto your face after!

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When and how often should I replace my beauty sponge?

Replace your beauty sponge every three to four months, or sooner if you notice signs of wear and tear.

Give your beauty sponge the care it deserves, and let it continue to work its magic, ensuring your makeup routine is always on point. Happy blending!

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Is it okay to squeeze the beauty sponge while cleaning?

Be gentle! Squeezing too hard may damage the sponge. Use a light touch for effective yet safe cleaning.

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Drying the beauty sponge

Drying your beauty sponge can be completed with a dry clean towel. Folding the towel over your sponge and pressing down on the sponge until its dry. Do not use a dirty towel as you will then apply this bacteria to your face when you use your sponge!